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Right now, getting your Kindle ebook noticed is easy. This is the easiest marketing I’ve ever seen.

Ebooks are going mainstream as you read this. They are going to be everywhere on every portable device and millions of people are going to be buying them. On their smart phones, on their eBook Readers, on their PC’s. The time to get on board is right now while the portal is still open and the marketing is still easy.

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We have major corporations competing against each other to be first in this new market. They are desperate for content, and that means they are desperate for us.

Amazon wants you to win. Amazon wants you to sell a whole bunch of ebooks. Why? Because when you win, they win. And they get stronger and keep their lead against Apple. That’s why they just raised our Royalty Share to 70% of each sale!

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It will never be easier than RIGHT NOW to set up an automatic cash machine with ebooks.

Kindle is the Open Doorway for us to grab quality customers and sales that recur and grow month after month and year after year.

Amazon has made it EASY to get your ebook on the Kindle. They want it simple because they want the content to flock to them.

I give you my Internal Links Tactic

I give you my Pricing Strategy

I show you how to get Published on all the Major Formats FREE

I give you my best Speed Writing Tips

I show you the Power of Tags

I give you my Strategic Reviewing Method

I even give you VIRAL Promotion Techniques

I give you my Loss Leader Strategy

And I show you how to get Reviews for YOUR ebooks easy

PRICING - don’t lower the price, add value and get leverage!
I have an indepth section on pricing, this is super important.

And I show you my TALKER Promotion Technique that absolutely no one else has. This is my new favorite technique and the most effective promotional tactic I’ve ever used.

I also show you how to get one of the best and most comprehensive Publishing Guides, a 1,000 page guide, for FREE – legally and legitimately.

Jeff Bezos and Amazon have opened a Magic Portal for us. I don’t have any other way to explain it. Amazon puts you and I on equal footing with the giants. With the right momentum, you can find yourself with a whole new money stream that grows bigger each month while you relax.


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